My Journey To Gestalt Therapy

Since I remember I have always been interested in the psyche of another person. As a small girl I was fascinated by human emotions and spent my time trying to define emotions. I always believed that people are good by nature. That they have beautiful hearts, only some of them were not able to show their beauty as they were too hurt themselves.

Since I was 13 I wanted to become a psychologist to follow my dream, to try to unlock the beauty that lies in all of us.  When I graduated as a clinical psychologist I gained knowledge of the human psyche and was able to diagnose many mental health disorders but I still wasn’t sure if I had the tools to help those who struggle.

After searching through different approaches of psychotherapy I came across Gestalt Therapy. It was very different from what I knew before. It was intriguing, humble and beautiful. I started studying Gestalt therapy, not being sure where it would lead me. I genuinely can say that this therapy changed my whole perspective on treating people. I find Gestalt therapy very hard to describe in words, as you need to feel and experience this approach. As opposed to many other approaches, Gestalt therapy is based on authentic real connection between therapist and client, it doesn’t focus on labeling peoples’ disorders but insteads explains them in a positive way. It’s not defined by strategies and homework given by therapists, this approach thrives on honest and real interpersonal feedback. Client discovers its own uniqueness in a supportive relationship with the therapist. Gestalt therapy is based on experiencing emotions, sensations and feelings in our living body, rather than just talking and being stuck in our heads.

What I love about Gestalt (and hate at the same time) is that the process of therapy points out my own struggles and stuckness. This therapy doesn’t focus only on a client, but places the responsibility on the connection between therapist and client. It was fascinating for me to change the language from asking my clients: “why are you stuck in life?” to “how may I assist you to help you with your stuckness? “.

Another amazing thing about Gestalt is the fact that before you see any clients, you as a therapist need to have your own therapy for many years. You learn so much about yourself and you start loving yourself and it’s much easier to support others. No strategy or technique is more effective in our well being than the authentic and honest relationship with another human. I am so grateful that I had the privilege to study Gestalt and learn all that comes with it. It’s not a learned technique but an ongoing spontaneous process of connecting with a person sitting in front of me. I will never stop studying Gestalt as this is never ending, it’s a way of living. I am so lucky that I am able to experience the beauty of my clients and witness their (and my) journey to better health. This is by far the most beautiful approach to another person that I have known.

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