Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy Services

Sessions are usually held on Saturday mornings or evenings during the weekdays.

Sessions are available in English or Polish.

Please note there is 24hour cancellation policy – meaning that if you cancel less than 24 hours before your session you will be charged

I usually don’t work directly with children but I support parents if needed.

Initial consultation

An initial consultation to explore and discuss treatment plan, expectations and goals of therapy. Usually after the initial consultation a client has an understanding of the process involved in achieving his/her goals.  Follow up sessions cost 80€.

€90 - 1 hour

On-line consultation

When not possible to meet face-to face on-line consultation is also available. In some cases therapy can be also provided on line.

€60 - 1 hour​

Individual Therapy

This is an on-going process of therapeutic relationship between a client and therapist. The sessions are usually scheduled on a weekly basis. The therapy usually lasts from a few months to 2 years depending on client and range of problems.

€80 - 1 hour​

Couple Therapy

Couple therapy is usually shorter than individual therapy. Very effective way to help partners to resolve communication issues and enhance satisfaction in the relationship.

€120 - 1.5 hours

Psychological assessment

Depending on the requirements the following assessments are available: ADHD and ADD, behavioural difficulty, personality disorder and others. 


Somatic experiencing therapy

Somatic experiencing (known as SE) is typically used for those who experienced any type of trauma affecting their daily functioning; an approach that is holistic and psycho-biological.

Developed by Dr Peter Levine the framework works with the body and focuses on the trauma held in the nervous system. SE is applied at the pace of each client to help them to restore their resilience, establish well-being and lost sense of aliveness.

€80 - 1 hour​​

Clinical Supervision

Providing supervision to psychologist, therapists, students or other mental health care providers.

€100 - 1 hour

If You Have Any Questions

Get in touch today if you’d like to get started or if you have any queries related to my services.